Project Homeless Connect

Project Homeless Connect, hosted annually in October on the Capitol Street campuses of First United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church and First Christian Church, is based on a national service model and is designed to eliminate as many barriers as possible that keep people homeless or in a state of near-homelessness.

Three years ago, a group of concerned church and community members came together to address what they saw as an important need in our community: the lack of access to services for those living in homelessness, or on the brink of homelessness. This event fills an important part of that need by connecting individuals with a wide range of services on one day! These services include: medical exams; dental exams and extractions; mental health screenings; Missouri non-driver’s identification cards; Missouri birth certificates; resources on housing; flu shots; bus passes; job resources; haircuts; laundry services; showers; a hot lunch and much more!

Common Ground has been a strong supporter of this now annual event. For more information, visit Project Homeless Connect on Facebook.